A unique combination of yoga, talk, and movement therapy providing you a mind-body
connection for greater awareness, peace & balance.

About Deb

Dedicated to honoring the body's inherent wisdom and impulse towards wholeness, Deb is a yoga therapist known for powerful facilitation and creating sacred space. Deb discovered yoga in 2003 while on a personal journey for healing and spiritual growth amidst the red rocks and vortexes of Sedona, Arizona. She completed her 500-hour teacher training at the Himalayan Institute. These teachings were drawn from the source of yoga, based in guidance passed down by Swami Rama—a true yogic master who founded the Himalayan Institute—and is rooted in yogic scriptures. Deb traveled with her teachers to India on a pilgrimage to the Kumbha Mela where her experiences inspired her to leave her corporate role and follow her love of teaching yoga.

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Deb's Yoga Training

Her teacher Dr. Jaime Stover-Schmitt is a pioneer in the field of yoga therapy. Deb is certified with the Spanda Yoga Movement Therapy Program providing her with a considerable depth of knowledge and breadth of skill. As a Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapist, Deb is able to elegantly design and sensitively implement therapeutic strategies that meet the challenges of life. Deb’s work stems from teaching from the heart. Influenced by her teachers, peers, environment and her travels, her aim is to bring a unique sense of empowerment to her students. Her teachings follow an intuitive practice, holding space for her students and meeting them where they are. Drawing upon a lifetime passion directed towards the achievement of self-awareness, her aim is to guide students with mindfulness and the healing powers of yoga; touching one heart at a time.


C-IAYT Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapist, Yoga Alliance 500 E-RYT YACEP® , Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery: Level 1 & 2 , Reiki Level 1 & 2 , Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga , Chair Yoga Certification & Member IAYT

Veterans Yoga Project

As President of Veterans Yoga Project, Deb is in a unique position to help build an organization whose mission is to support recovery and resilience among our veterans, families and communities via the powerful system of yoga. In the last five years she has had the honor to teach mindful resilience yoga therapy to hundreds of veterans at the Northport VAMC.

Testimony from~ David, U.S. Army: The instructor is very knowledgeable and when I first started the program, she was very patient with me. She made sure that I was physically able to do all of the yoga positions. She helps me to feel very comfortable in this class. Veterans Yoga Project has become an important part of my recovery program. 

Yoga Therapy FAQ!

• Are you tired of being in pain?
• Are you recovering from illness or injury?
• Do you simply want to feel the relaxation of a gentle practice?
• Do you need a more accessible Yoga class for your ability? 

• Overcome stress, anxiety, depression to become more peaceful
• Restore proper alignment and balance of your skeletal structure
• Calm the nervous system and increase immune functioning
• Cultivate physical awareness and optimize muscle balance
• Rehabilitate injuries and relieve chronic tension
• Eradicate negative beliefs to become mindful and think positively
• Move through grief and crises of faith with support
• Boost your energy level, get stronger and more flexible
• Change unproductive habits. Feel inspired and purposeful
• Enhance cognitive abilities
• Clarify your life goals and soul purpose

• Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)
• Physical Postures (Asana)
• Meditation Techniques (Dhyanam)
• Essential Oils
• Visualizations (Bhavana)
• Sounds (Mantra)
• Gestures (Mudra)
• Hand Placements (Nyasa)

These are individualized 1:1 sessions that help guide each person on the road to wellness. A yoga therapist has extensive training in yoga and is able to create a therapeutic environment to facilitate each session.

Together, the yoga therapist and the patient create the most appropriate yoga health plan based on the individual’s specific needs. Continual assessment and monitoring of the patient’s progress along with appropriate feedback are provided.

Three consecutive yoga therapy sessions are recommended as follows:

1. The first session is for assessment and consultation.

2. By the second session, a home program has been created and is taught step by step. A personalized practice for stress relief and relaxation includes yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditations, mindfulness, and deep relaxation strategies.

3. In the third session, the focus is on fine-tuning the home program. Support between sessions is available via email along with recommended reading material.

After these three initial visits, either weekly or monthly sessions will follow for program refinement and maintenance. Individual sessions are sixty minutes long. Scheduling based on availability.  




  • 20 Minutes on the phone. 


  • One 1 hour session. 


  • Three 1 hour sessions. 


  • Six 1 hour sessions. 

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